Technology at Stonebrook Dental

CEREC 1 Visit Tooth Restoration

Our practice has invested in CEREC Technology to provide our patients with Same Day Restorations.

No more messy impression materials or hassle with annoying temporaries! E4D Technology offers our patients the opportunity to have a beautiful restoration designed, fabricated and delivered in a single appointment! Here’s how:

Using, CEREC Technology, we are able to take a photo scan of your tooth with a special laser camera that safely captures the anatomy of the prepared tooth and renders it as a 3-dimensional image. We then customizes your crown, inlay or onlay using your digital “impression” and 3D imaging software while you relax with a magazine or music headphones.

After the doctor approves the final design, the CEREC milling system employs CAD/CAM technology to shape your restoration from a high-strength, metal-free ceramic or composite block in a shade to match your smile. This eliminates the repeat visit after sending the impression off to a lab, as this is now able to be done right at Stonebrook Dental, while you are in the chair!

Once seated in place, your restoration is complete – no second visit required!

How would you like to have healthy, beautiful and natural-looking teeth that last? This is now possible all with a single visit using CEREC technology available at Stonebrook Dental.

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Dental CBCT Scan

Carestream 3D Cone Beam Imaging System

The current emerging standard of care in dentistry and dental implantology is the use of three dimensional x-ray studies. The 3-D images allow the doctor to collect the needed and highly valuable diagnostic information to best plan and deliver dental and surgical care.

Cone Beam imaging delivers quicker and easier image acquisition a typical scan takes only 20 seconds.

The patient benefits from less radiation as well as the comfortable, open environment. Aside from the physical comfort of this system, the doctor can share a visual diagnosis with patients, making them more comfortable with their treatment plan and actively participate in their care. The speed of the scan and the immediate results allows the doctor and patient to better communicate the aspects of a case.

What should I expect AFTER CT Dental Imaging?

After the exam, our 3D imaging staff produces three-dimensional images, which provide the surgeon with valuable data crucial to the success of the implant. You do not have any restrictions after having a CT scan and can go about your normal activities.

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Needle fears keep many people away from the dentist. Postponing dental procedures because of these fears is common, but ultimately results in worsening problems and other serious oral health concerns. 95% of the patients that have experienced the DentalVibe Injection Comfort System say that it has changed their view on going to the dentist.

The DentalVibe applies a light vibration to the tissues around the injection site while anesthesia injections are administered. Research has shown that when vibration and injection sensations are occurring simultaneously, the vibration feeling reaches the brain first and essentially blocks the feeling of the injection from being perceived by the brain. Children and adults no longer have to be afraid of the needle.

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