CEREC 1 Visit Crowns

Cerec 1 Visit Crowns - Stonebrook Dental, Sacramento Dentist

CEREC one-visit crowns provide our clients with the highest quality, natural-looking dental restorations only one appointment. Using the latest CEREC technology, our dentist can create a crown in-office and place it in the same visit. This means that you can restore decayed teeth, improve the size and shape of worn or broken teeth, change the appearance of stained teeth, and even fill gaps between your teeth in just one appointment.

What to Expect

When you come for your appointment, the dentist will take digital images of the tooth and mouth, which will be uploaded into the CEREC software system. A computerized 3D virtual model of the tooth is designed using CAD/CAM technology to fit the dimensions of your newly restored tooth with great precision.

The software takes multiple factors into consideration when designing the tooth to ensure the most natural look possible. Next, instructions are sent to the CEREC milling machine to start creating the crown. Owing to the great accuracy of CEREC software, there's usually no need to adjust the crown after placement.

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Why choose CEREC Crowns?

CEREC crowns offer several benefits compared to traditional crowns. First, they are created right in the office during your appointment, so you don't have to schedule other visits for the same treatment. Since the tooth is prepared and the permanent crown installed during the same visit, there's no need for a temporary crown, which minimizes the amount of time spend in the dentist's chair. CEREC crowns are also aesthetically pleasing, as they're designed to match the shade of your natural teeth for a uniform look and smile.

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Are CEREC Crowns Right for Me?

Most patients who require a crown can benefit from the CEREC 1-day crown placement procedure. This protective cap can be used to cover:

  • A cracked or broken tooth
  • A dental implant
  • A tooth that has been restored with root canal therapy
  • A tooth that has been weakened by large fillings or cracks
  • An anchor tooth to support bridgework.

Please visit our dentist to learn more about CEREC 1-day crowns and to discuss the best options for your specific dental needs.