All on Four

All On Four - Stonebrook Dental, Sacramento Dentist

This system was designed to help people who have lost all their teeth by restoring their upper and lower jaws with a fixed dental arch that is held in place by only 4 dental implants. Best of all, you get a completely new set of teeth in one go.

What to Expect

First, you need to schedule a consultation where our dentist can evaluate your case and determine the best course of treatment for you. The dentist will determine:

  • Whether you have any remaining healthy teeth
  • How many unhealthy teeth need to be extracted
  • The condition of the teeth, teeth roots, and bone tissue
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If you're a good candidate for All on 4, we will schedule you for surgery to create a strong and sturdy support for your new replacement teeth. This process involves:

  • The placement of 4 titanium implants in the jaw. They're positioned so that the bone envelops and secures them into place
  • Implants in the rear part of the jaw are placed at an angle to maximize the benefits to the existing bone structure
  • After securing the implants, the dentists will proceed to attach abutments - onto which replacement teeth will be fastened
  • The replacement teeth are placed and adjusted for optimal function and comfort, restoring the function and aesthetic of your mouth

The new replacement teeth are permanent, easy to clean and maintain, and provide instant benefits in terms of your ability to bite and chew, smile, and maintaining your facial structure.

Other benefits of All on 4 include:

  • The use of only 4 implants to fixate all teeth in the upper and lower jaw
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Gives you a complete new set of teeth in a day
  • You get a high-quality teeth restoration - usually without the need for bone grafting
  • Reduced overall cost of tooth replacement

Who is the right candidate for All on 4?

This option is ideal for patients looking for complete restorations on the upper and lower teeth. If you have dentures, or are considering getting dentures, you may also consider choosing All on 4 dental implants.